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Dr. Arthur Seebalack

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Dr. Seebalack was educated in the U.K. from primary school to university.  His first Degree was in Microbiology at Redding a small town in southern England and later to Newcastle upon Tyne for Dentistry.  He is a member of the Dental Council of Trinidad and Tobago.


Dr. Seebalack has forty years of clinical experience in private practice and attended many courses on Oral Surgery and Implantology. He loves his profession and looks forward to working every day and lives by three words:

  1. Economy

  2. Celerity

  3. Propriety


Dr. Seebalack's hobbies including Hashing (a kind of cross country running club) and likes jogging. His real passion is for classical music. He plays the piano in his spare time and is sure his playing irritates everybody including God but he loves it.

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