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Dr. Nicoli Rajcoomar


With honesty and integrity, Dr. Rajcoomar’s mission is to provide optimal dental care and reasonable well-informed treatment options.


Dr. Rajcoomar’s objective is to motivate, educate, and inspire patients to adjust and maintain better oral care as a part of their overall health executing this with a positive and caring attitude, Dr. Rajcoomar intends to provide and deliver excellent and patient-oriented treatment.


Dr. Rajcoomar is a continuing student pursuing a Master’s of Public Health from the Imperial College London, he is also a Student Member of the Royal Society for Public Health, and partakes in a variety of professional dental development courses which keeps him up-to-date on best practice and emerging technologies in Dentistry.


Dr. Rajcoomar is a movie fanatic, and an avid football fan and player. He spends a lot of his free time traveling, as well as, exploring the various scenic natural destinations the world has to offer such as beaches and mountains.

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