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Dentures, Crowns & Bridges

Dentures & Night Guards

These involve taking an impression to make a "cast" replica of the jaws which are used to fabricate a prosthesis for the replacement of teeth in the case of dentures or to make an appliance that fits over teeth used to protect teeth in patients who suffer from Bruxism, "grind, gnash or clench your teeth".

Crowns and Bridges

This procedure is where a tooth is “prepared” or reduced into a smaller size and ‘capped' with a crown or bridge. These are cemented over the reduced tooth. However, before the permanent crown or bridge is made by the dental lab, a temporary one will be made to protect the reduced tooth or teeth. 

  • Crowns are placed on single teeth that have undergone Root Canal Therapy (RCT) or deemed necessary to be covered to protect the remaining teeth.

  • Bridges are placed on two teeth that bound a space where there is a missing tooth, between both “caps" is a prosthetic tooth that replaces the missing tooth.


*These are done with the use of local anesthetic.

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